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Our Mission Statement - Unlocking Sunnyside's potential for a healthy, drug and alcohol-free community for youth through education, prevention and advocacy.

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The coalition educates, increases community collaboration, assists with prevention and advocacy, gang prevention, volunteers, and non-profits.

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Lock Boxes Given & Families Helped; coming soon!

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"Sunnyside United-Unidos is a tremendous organization with the aim of decreasing substance use among young people in our community. This is a critically important goal for the health of Sunnyside. This organization is providing many tools and resources to help make our young people safer, healthier, and more successful." - Tyler Rice

"Awesome organization led by a wonderful group of passionate and devoted professionals who join efforts with other community members and organizations to find ways to improve the lives of individuals by creating project to help make Sunnyside and other surrounding communities Drug-Free." - Yesica Arciga

"What a great job Sunnyside United/Unidos is doing for the community of Sunnyside! This coalition is dedicated to helping this city become more aware of the dangers of drugs and alcohol on our most valued resource--our youth! There is a lot of potential here; in our families, our youth, our community leaders, our businesses, our schools, our faith community, etc. Becoming involved in the activities of the coaltion is a great way to support Sunnyside becoming a safe and healthy community where young people are equipped for success!" - Ann Allen