Learn more about us and the support and resources we offer at Sunnyside United.

Sunnyside United-Unidos began in Sunnyside, Washington in 2012 as a community coalition.

We are a strong group of volunteers and key leaders who want Sunnyside youth to thrive and grow in a healthy community.

We focus on reducing youth substance use, depression, suicide and gang violence.

Mission: Unlocking Sunnyside's potential for a healthier, prosperous, drug/alcohol free community for our youth through education, prevention and advocacy. 

Vision: Sunnyside: A safe and healthy community where young people are equipped for success and a bright future.

Sunnyside United-Unidos began in 2012 as a community coalition. We are made up of a strong group of volunteers and key leaders who want Sunnyside youth to thrive and grow in a healthy community. We are focused on youth substance use, mental health, and gang violence.

The coalition is made up of 12 Sector Representatives and community members that meet on a monthly basis to plan events, create educational opportunities for parents and youth, support school functions and allocate funding. The three main areas of focus are Alcohol Prevention, Marijuana Prevention and Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention.

Sunnyside United Unidos serves as the community coalition for the Community Prevention Wellness Initiative (CPWI) granted by the Washington State Health Care Authority, Drug-Free Communities (DFC) granted by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), in partnership with the Sunnyside School District.

Prevention Science: Sunnyside United-Unidos utilizes the Strategic Prevention Framework created by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

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Who We Work With

  • Youth in our community
  • Medical and mental health professionals
  • Law enforcement
  • Businesses
  • Youth-serving organizations
  • Churches and religious organizations
  • Civic and volunteer groups
  • City, state and federal government
  • Treatment agencies and other organizations involved in reducing substance abuse

Our Volunteers

  • Business leaders
  • School faculty
  • Church leaders
  • Parents
  • Government employees
  • Youth
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Law enforcement
  • Media professionals
  • Youth organization members
  • Civic organization leaders


It takes a village to create a supportive and healthy environment for our families and youth to grow up to be successful. Thank you for partnering with Sunnyside United-Unidos to promote prevention!