Student Assistance Prevention Intervention Specialists are placed in schools to provide early alcohol/drug and gang prevention and intervention to students and their families, assist in referrals to treatment and other needed services and help transition students back to school when they have been to treatment. The program provides training and support for schools and students and develops partnerships with community agencies to prevent and intervene with students involved in substance abuse, gang, and violence. 

Services include:

1. Identification and screening for at-risk youth. Multi-tiered School Prevention and

Intervention Services.

2. ATOD Education and Consultation for students and families.

3. Gang Prevention and intervention Services

4. Classroom Presentation and educational resources for schools

5. In School Support Groups for Students. Educational groups to provide skill building,

bonding, and refusal skills.

If you have a student in the Sunnyside School District and appreciate any of our services or have questions, please feel free to contact one of our three Student Assistant Professionals:

Sunnyside High School
Nellie Padilla, MSW
Sierra Vista Middle School & Harrison Middle School
Sunnyside School District
Javier Alvarez, Gang Prevention