Prom Safety Tips

Parents; prom is a special moment for your teen. It is full of dressing up, taking pictures, dancing, and having fun. It takes one incident to turn what could be a happy, life-long memory into tragic, lifelong consequence. Make the promise to help your kids be safe, sober, and drug-free.

What every parent can do before, during, and after prom:

  • Throughout the year, get educated about the current drug trends in your community
  • Attend educational workshops that address the issues young people face with and alcohol and other drug use
  • Continue to discuss the dangers of adolescent drinking and drug use

At least one week prior to the prom

Talk to your son or daughter:

  • Reinforce that you love your teen and that your primary concern is their safety
  • Reassure your teenager that you understand prom night pressures and fears and talk about them
  •  Know the Plans
  •  Who’s driving- to and from
  • Who’s going- names and numbers- for children and parents.
  • Where and when- dinner, dance and after party locations, sequence and contact info.
  • Contact parents of your son/daughters friends who are hosting before or after parties. Make sure the party is chaperoned and offer to help if needed.

On Prom Night

  • Speak directly to the driver and discuss your expectations for an alcohol and drug-free ride
  • Set Curfew- they really don’t need to stay out all night or until all hours.
  • Touch base- text or quick calls to confirm all is well.
  • NO PLAN CHANGES without your involvement.
  • Wait up to happily hear all the fun stories.
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