Impact Award – Pastor Bob

The Impact Award is given out to a community member that has a positive influence for our youth that helps live out Sunnyside United Unidos Mission which is Unlocking Sunnyside’s potential for a healthy, drug and alcohol-free community for youth through education, prevention and advocacy.

We would like to recognize Pastor Bob.

Bob became a youth pastor in 1986. He did many outreaches with the youth, he would walk out at night on the streets and talk to the kids that were out on the streets. His wife and Bob had a place called the Carpenter Shop where they sold hamburgers and had video games for kids to come and he held services there for youth on Wednesdays and Sundays. In 2001 he became lead pastor at Cornerstone Assembly, he has been a pastor for 22 years. In the beginning he did the youth service and was lead pastor. Through his leadership they had provided a Christmas Tree Lot, done many outreaches in the community, taking part in all of the National Night Outs, Held Easter Outreaches, Trunk or Treat events, and also a harvest party. He has hosted dinners for the homeless. He did jail ministry until he became the chaplain for the Police Department. He is an advocate at the Crisis Center and he’s been on the board of the Crisis Center. After 9/11, the Church began holding services around that date every year called “Honor our Heroes” which honors our military and law-enforcement who were lost during 9/11. He is an everyday man that shares Jesus and doesn’t wear a pulpit on his chest.

If anyone is interested in reaching out to Pastor Bob to get their kids involved, please call the Corner Stone Church (509) 830-3697.

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